The Loaf Oaf

The Loaf Oaf

The Loaf Oaf is Rivermouth’s one and only bakery. A place where citizens and adventurers alike can come and feast on the baker’s delicacies. As people walk by, the smells of freshly baked bread and other sweet treats is unmistakable. The Loaf Oaf is run by Ptolemy The Large and his wife.

This building is from Hero’s Hoard. The kit comes with four other buildings, a tavern, a general store, a guild hall and a small stone house. All of which are provided as flat packs which greatly increases the print speed especially compared to the buildings from Printable Scenery. The only real complaint you could say I have with these though is the lack of inner wall details and the complete lack of flooring.

At first, I figured I’d use the modular floors from Fat Dragon Games...

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The Crypt

Looks like I’ll be running a second campaign with some of my co-workers. (I can do this). Since I had already mentioned the adventure I created with my other friends to my co-workers, it means that they’re going to have a different adventure.

One of the players in this second campaign is playing a Drow. Basically a D&D dark elf. If you know anything about the Drow, you know that they live in the Underdark. So I will need way more dungeon pieces as well I figured it would be cool to travel through some crypts. WOOHOO!!! Printable Scenery makes a crypt set.

The crypts

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The Dungeons

Various Pieces

What is Dungeons and Dragons without well Dungeons. Luc and I started printing tons of pieces both from Printable Scenery and Openforge (off of Thingiverse). They both use the same openlock system. A system of clips to attach the pieces together.

Open Door

Once assembled you can make any dungeon you want. I’d post pictures of a completed dungeon, but just in case one of my players sees this, I don’t want to ruin the surprise. Once we play through the adventure I’ll post some pics.


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The Blacksmith

One of my first adventures that I have planned revolves around a Blacksmith. Therefore I really needed a building for him in the town.

Again, I went to Printable Scenery and found a great model. Unfortunately, I didn’t notice that they had an option to print it in one piece, so I had to do it in multiple pieces.

Blacksmith printing

Started painting it with the craft paints. I’m liking the look but there’s still touch ups to do as well as finishing off some parts. Again, the main roof will be done at a later time


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The Merchant of Rivermouth

After having so much fun with the tavern’s furniture, I set out to start printing the various buildings for the town of Rivermouth, the fictional fantasy town where my friends’ characters will essentially use as a base of operations.

The first building I started was the Merchant’s guild. A big general store. Here, adventurers can get gear needed for their quests. I bought this model from Printable Scenery. (I think I have a slight obsession with this site)

Ground floor

Luckily with my Taz5 I can print most of the building floors in one piece.

After it finished printing, I started painting it while the second floor was printing.

Painted Ground Floor

Second floor

I’ve decided to wait till everything is done before printing the roofs as they take a while and use up alot of filament...

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On the set

So a few friends and I have decided to get back into D&D. I haven’t played in ages… pretty much since High School.
Being the visual person that I am, and wanting to immerse my players in my Fantasy world as much as I can. I decided to make all the terrain and dressings. Back in the day I really wanted the Dwarven Forge terrain, but the price was insane. Now with my 3D printers… I can just make it!

Every good adventure starts in a tavern. Every good tavern has tables, and a bar and beer! So I decide to start with that. I found a great set of models on Thingiverse and started printing.

Bar Set

I also know my players very well, and I know they love to drink. So it’s safe to assume that their characters will also. I set out to print 28mm scale wine bottles and steins...

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For Mars! For the Machine God!

I didn’t get as much done today on the Skitarii as I wanted… but considering I had to be in at work for 5:45 this morning and we went to see a movie tonight, I can’t complain too much.

I’ve pretty much completed a minimum sized unit. I still want to finish some minor details and add some more weathering and decals… but they are good enough to game with right now (if I had enough to points worth).


Minimum Unit

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The Colors of Mars… err Ryza

After an infuriating day at work, I’m so thankful that I have so many hobbies that can keep my mind busy. Work on the Skitarii continued. I seriously don’t know how I used to paint so many miniatures without an airbrush… it’s probably the reason that I never really finished painting a whole army before.

Anyway, after fighting with the tiny fragile bits, and finishing the bases. I primed the assembled Vanguard with Vallejo’s German Red Brown airbrush primer. I really like this primer as it’s dark enough to help give rich colors, but bright enough that lighter colors still coat it well. After looking at the primer on the base, I figured with very little effort, this could work well as a base for a Mars/Ryza base.

Once the primer was dry, (which is pretty much as soon as the last one is prime...

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The Skitarii are coming!

Years ago… actually decades ago, I fell in love with the thought of the Adeptus Mechanicus. A culture of scientists, inventors and mechanics on Mars, working separately from the Empire but with them and for them. I always wanted the miniatures and for Games Workshop to release them as an army or squad to use with Imperial forces. Well they did at one point, but from what I recall the miniatures were ridiculously expensive and hard to get (remember before people online shopped?)

Well GW released not one but two Mechanicus armies!

Last night I needed a break from painting Dark Eldar and started assembling the first unit of Skitarii (the militant arm of the Mechanicus) that I purchased a few weeks ago.

These miniatures are absolutely beautiful. They have a strong steampunk feel to them...

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The cult of pain grows

As mentioned in the previous post I did some more painting this past weekend. At last count I have the following painted

  • 1 Archon
  • 10 Kabalite Warriors with a Raiders
  • 10 Kabalite¬†Warriors with a Raiders
  • 6 Reavers
  • 6 Hellions

I’ve since painted

  • 20 Wyches
  • 2 Venoms
Venom 1

Venom 1

Venom 2

Venom 2



Once these are done, I have the crew for the Raiders to paint, 4 Wracks… as I’m missing the leader mini (guess I’ll use these guys to fill up a unit once I buy a new box)

Now to decide what’s next to add… thinking 1 more Venom, more Warriors to use as True Born, and then I start my monsters and will need a Haemonculus.

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