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Mordheim Themed Warhammer Fantasy Army

It’s no secret that I’ve always been more of a fan of what GW refers to as Specialist Games. My favorite of them all has to be Mordheim. Probably the table top game I’ve played the most after Warmachine. I found a stash of old Mordheim Witch Hunters a while back that hadn’t been painted or had been really badly painted and thought it would be cool to make a Warhammer Fantasy army based on these.

So I started (re)painting them.

I wanted to go with more earthtones and think they came out great. I also decided to try something new for the bases… a cracked earth look. I took out my bottle of Vallejo Crackle Medium, mixed it with some beige paint and slopped it on the base. To my surprise, it ended up looking more like mud...

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Other Stuff I’m working on

So much stuff on the go…

Here’s a WIP shot of a Drone for my PanO army in Infinity

Next up are some Sisters of Sigmar for one of my favourite games… Mordheim

Finally for tonight, 2 of the minis I’m using for an Empire Free Company, a Warhammer Warrior Priest and a Peasant from Mordheim

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I’ve always had a thing for games where you create a character or warband, and they gain experience and get better as you play. Not sure if it’s the bond you create with certain characters, or the individualism it gives them… Needless to say, games like Necromunda, Inquisitor and Mordheim have always been my favorites.

Back in the day that the mighty empire that is GW still supported it’s Specialist games range… I went nuts with Mordheim…

I remember sitting in my apartment, building terrain like there was no tomorrow...

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