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For Mars! For the Machine God!

I didn’t get as much done today on the Skitarii as I wanted… but considering I had to be in at work for 5:45 this morning and we went to see a movie tonight, I can’t complain too much.

I’ve pretty much completed a minimum sized unit. I still want to finish some minor details and add some more weathering and decals… but they are good enough to game with right now (if I had enough to points worth).


Minimum Unit

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The Colors of Mars… err Ryza

After an infuriating day at work, I’m so thankful that I have so many hobbies that can keep my mind busy. Work on the Skitarii continued. I seriously don’t know how I used to paint so many miniatures without an airbrush… it’s probably the reason that I never really finished painting a whole army before.

Anyway, after fighting with the tiny fragile bits, and finishing the bases. I primed the assembled Vanguard with Vallejo’s German Red Brown airbrush primer. I really like this primer as it’s dark enough to help give rich colors, but bright enough that lighter colors still coat it well. After looking at the primer on the base, I figured with very little effort, this could work well as a base for a Mars/Ryza base.

Once the primer was dry, (which is pretty much as soon as the last one is prime...

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The Skitarii are coming!

Years ago… actually decades ago, I fell in love with the thought of the Adeptus Mechanicus. A culture of scientists, inventors and mechanics on Mars, working separately from the Empire but with them and for them. I always wanted the miniatures and for Games Workshop to release them as an army or squad to use with Imperial forces. Well they did at one point, but from what I recall the miniatures were ridiculously expensive and hard to get (remember before people online shopped?)

Well GW released not one but two Mechanicus armies!

Last night I needed a break from painting Dark Eldar and started assembling the first unit of Skitarii (the militant arm of the Mechanicus) that I purchased a few weeks ago.

These miniatures are absolutely beautiful. They have a strong steampunk feel to them...

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The cult of pain grows

As mentioned in the previous post I did some more painting this past weekend. At last count I have the following painted

  • 1 Archon
  • 10 Kabalite Warriors with a Raiders
  • 10 Kabalite Warriors with a Raiders
  • 6 Reavers
  • 6 Hellions

I’ve since painted

  • 20 Wyches
  • 2 Venoms
Venom 1

Venom 1

Venom 2

Venom 2



Once these are done, I have the crew for the Raiders to paint, 4 Wracks… as I’m missing the leader mini (guess I’ll use these guys to fill up a unit once I buy a new box)

Now to decide what’s next to add… thinking 1 more Venom, more Warriors to use as True Born, and then I start my monsters and will need a Haemonculus.

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International Tabletop Day


This past Saturday was International Tabletop Day. We decided to join our friends from Out of the Basement at our other friends’ shop Kessel Run Games, for a day dedicated to my favorite hobby. I got there early to help them set up. There was already a game of Pandemic going on. The organizers were dressed accordingly as biologists and nurses. Other people were playing Rune Quest, and other board games. The miniature tables had a game of Warhammer 40k between Tau and Necrons going on.  Two other tables had Warmachine games going, one between Cyriss and Cygnar, the other between Cygnar and Cygnar!

The guys from Out of the Basement were setting up to demo a few games including Munchkin, King of Tokyo, and a few others.

Since Luc and I had planned on trying our first 7th edition game of ...

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Dark Eldar Progress

After having finished painting all of Luc’s Tau (can’t wait to paint more!) I continued work on my Dark Eldar. I first finished up the Reavers’ jetbikes and the Hellions’ hover boards.


Reavers and Hellions oh my

Painting troops is usually my bane… I love painting characters or vehicles. However I find I keep going back over and over again to pick out more details. I know, most people won’t notice them. I know you can’t see them when they’re on the tabletop. I just love details. And when you have tons… well you’re just never going to finish.


WIP Troopers


2 units of Kabalite Warriors

At this point, I could go back and add some many other details and highlights. I’d love to do it, but not on dozens of figures.


Close up of a Kabalite warrior

With two units done, I figured they’d need some way ...

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Back to 40k

I’ve been needing to paint and model and game lately. And well, 40K does have some of the best background for any of the games out there. I might just be a bit sentimental as it was the first game I really got into.

Talking to Luc about it, he was onboard as well. He wanted to resurrect his Tau army… and I offered to paint them for him.

So this past Saturday was the 30th Anniversary of the Space Marine. (Ok I feel old now)


One of the first miniatures I bought… probably the first for 40k was a 3 pack blister of lead Space Marines. The original miniature was in this pack. I had done a HORRIBLE paint job on it. First off, I had no spray primer, and used an Armoury grey paint on primer… and of course I used WAY too much...

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Massive Engine of Destruction

Well did some more work on him. After some feedback from the fellas over at DakkaDakka, I decided to repaint one of the kneecaps. They said it was a bit too much half white, half red. So I added a checker pattern on one of the knees and find it breaks it up a bit.

I also started work on the base… again, war torn city scape… there’s a brick street that’s broken, some building remnants and a light post for now. I’m going to add more… maybe a road block, or barbed wire or something.



Based… kinda

Poor little puny Chaos guys… Hmmm I should take a pic of him fighting the Stompa! Meh! Maybe tomorrow… now I need sleep.


Stompy Stompy

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Walked into the local GW on Saturday, planning on getting some paints and an other addition to my Tau.

Jo started showing off her built Imperial Knight and I just got the itch. The idea of only 3 models in your entire army was too cool to pass up. So I got my first knight. Of course, I got home and had to start working on him right away.


Full view

Carapace Close up

Carapace Close up


Melta Close Up

Leg Close Up

Leg Close Up

I’ve since added more details and will be taking more pics. I’m still not sure what to do with the base. I tend to try and do scenic bases and with such a big base, I could have fun, but I’m somewhat stumped.

The weathering was done using liquid mask and sponge instead of my usual salt method. Though looking back, I think salt would of worked better on the carapace.

I guess the real reason I like i...

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Now you see me… now you don’t

Well we’re getting ready for an other trip and as with every trip… that means shopping 😛

God I hate shopping, especially when the wifey decides she needs a new bathing suit.  Anyway, almost as if I was a child and getting a treat for being good, we stopped by GW afterwards.

Having finished the Fire Warriors, as per my self induced rules, I was allowed to get an other unit. Well they’re finally redoing my Tyranids… FOCUS!

Sorry, shiny nids… but no, I went for the XV25 Stealth Team. The lone wolves of the Tau Empire… troops wearing Stealth Armor. Not sure how they are, but they looked fun to paint.

I really wanted to show the Stealth effect so I painted one without any stealth, one mid stealth and one almost completely transparent...

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