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So, having finished my unit of Tau, I got my painting groove back. Looking for something fun to paint, I saw bits of my command barge on my painting table. Ungh I thought, remembering the pain this was to magnetize. Well why magnetize it? So I started painting it and weathering it.

Command Barge

Command Barge

The base as with all my Necrons is City Fight themed but without any color to distract from the main model. Hope to finish it tomorrow.

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New Army, New Promises

Well I’ve decided to start a new army…

This is to go in tandem with my Necrons, in case anyone ever wants to have a game, I’ll have several lists to chose from.

Anyways, I’ve decided only to by one unit at a time. I started with a Troop type, the Fire Warriors.

So far so good… they’re all painted. Which means, as of pay day I can treat myself and get an other unit.



The squad standing guard


Scanning for life forms


Shas’ui, the enemy approaches




They’re machines!


For the greater good!

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OoOo purdy

Well here are the completed Necron warriors on the field of battle, facing off against my Plague Marines.


Necrons advance


The Ark approaches


Plague Marines Holding Their Ground


Papa Nurgle’s Terminators taking the offensive


The Daemon Prince Arrives


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And a Great Star Fell From the Sky

Been alot of action in the mini front for me lately.
In a somewhat desperate attempt to get an actual game going on my table at home, I decided to get a few armies painted.

You’ve seen the beginning of my Necron army. My brother in law Kev has been a big fan of the Black Library novels, especially anything with Space Marines. So a while back I asked him what his favorite faction was in the 40k. His answer was quick… Blood Angels!!!

So I started building him a small force

So far I have a 5 man squad of Assault Marines, 2 dreadnoughts, a rhino, several squads of tactical marines (all those black reach boxes I got for the orks (damn hordes)) and now a drop pod.

I was originally going to use the drop pod for my Space Wolves, but figured with the Blood Angels it might be handy.

Here’s a pic ...

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Rising from the sands of Mars

As mentioned in the previous post I’ve started collecting Necrons.

So far I’ve purchased the Battleforce box that includes 20 warriors, a dedicated transport, 5 Immortals and 5 bases of scarabs.

I also grabbed the command barge to lead them.

Once home, I started working on them right away and decided to go a somewhat classic Necron look of metal… but I didn’t want it to be too boring, so I decided to add purple, blue and beige to the color scheme. Necrons, for those who know, come with little green plastic rods for the guns… since green doesn’t fit in my scheme, I opted to order blue rods from

Here are the 20 warriors almost done, I was just waiting for the rods to arrive.


Necron Warriors

Once these were done, I jumped on the Ghost Ark, their dedicated transport.

The ...

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Battle Damage

So I’ve always been a fan of wear and tear on miniatures… especially when it comes to 40k and Warmachine, I’ve heard of many different ways of achieving this and have been playing with different methods.

Recently I decided to start a new 40k army, the Necrons. Necrons for those that don’t know are a robot race that has been dormant beneath the sands of various planets (including Mars) for countless millennia. And we all know that sand and salt wears metal, so what better army to play with this.

First off I tried masking. I bought a bottle of liquid mask that you paint on and once try, you can paint over it and then peel it off.



You can see on the purple and beige parts, there’s metal showing in spots, this was achieved with the mask… it looks good, but it’s still way to...

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So I finally picked up a new Ork Burna-Bommer, this weekend and figured I’d start working on it. This will make a nice addition to the dozens of killakans, deffkoptas and Stompa

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Grot Round up

Always loved Gretchins and Snotlings.
When GW came out with new plastic grots… I jumped on them.

Since my Ork army is based on the Bad Moon clan, I obviously needed lots of yellow on them.



Here’s some more shots of the grots.

Lone Grot

Lone Grot

And here’s the Runtherd with his pet squig



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This is no man’s land

Got a bit of painting done…

I started work on my Trenchers… as mentioned before, one trencher in the box suffered from a broken gun, so, as you can see from the image, there’s only 4 grunts and their boss…

All that’s really left on them is the backpacks, countless pouches and the grenades… highlights, then to get more 😛

Once I’m done with these guys (and the replacement), I’ll be working on my Defender (who already has been primed and has the regular metal bits painted)… The fun thing with this jack, is that he’s completely magnetized, so I can swap out the arms and turn him into an Ironclad or Cyclone… I picked up 50 1/8″ Rare Earth magnet rods today… so I just have to add them 🙂

On a completely un-Warmachine related note, I’ve also continued work on an Ork project I started aeons ...

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