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Mordheim Themed Warhammer Fantasy Army

It’s no secret that I’ve always been more of a fan of what GW refers to as Specialist Games. My favorite of them all has to be Mordheim. Probably the table top game I’ve played the most after Warmachine. I found a stash of old Mordheim Witch Hunters a while back that hadn’t been painted or had been really badly painted and thought it would be cool to make a Warhammer Fantasy army based on these.

So I started (re)painting them.

I wanted to go with more earthtones and think they came out great. I also decided to try something new for the bases… a cracked earth look. I took out my bottle of Vallejo Crackle Medium, mixed it with some beige paint and slopped it on the base. To my surprise, it ended up looking more like mud...

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From the sands of Mars to the Jungles of Lustria

I was at GW the other day getting some paint and stuff and there was a Warhammer Fantasy game starting. I’ve always loved the idea of the tactics needed for Warhammer Fantasy and my love is still Skaven, but I will NEVER be able to finish my army… (Why do I love Horde armies so much??) So I’m watching the game and it’s Vampire Counts vs Lizardmen. The paint job on the lizardman inspired me, so I bought a unit box of Saurus Warriors.

Once home, I figured that I need a cool look, that is uniform enough on the rank and file guys and doesn’t take too much away from the characters and other center pieces.

I then looked at some of my Orks (again with the hordes) and thought, Hey! They look lizardy… so I went with a variation on that.

First I primed them beige… it’s a bit richer beige than bleach...

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Other Stuff I’m working on

So much stuff on the go…

Here’s a WIP shot of a Drone for my PanO army in Infinity

Next up are some Sisters of Sigmar for one of my favourite games… Mordheim

Finally for tonight, 2 of the minis I’m using for an Empire Free Company, a Warhammer Warrior Priest and a Peasant from Mordheim

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I don’t have much of an update, but I did some work on my Angry Mob last night while waiting for my WaR character to heal…

However, I did place some bids on a few OOP miniatures to add to the army, including some old school Flagellants, The Grand Master of the Knights of the Blazing Sun as well as the Standard Bearer for the knights.

After I’m done painting the Angry Mob, I’ll start painting the flagellants I have assembled for now.

The one thing I’d like to find is a bunch of the Averlander warband miniatures from the Mordheim line, these would make GREAT heroes.

Everything else in this army will have to wait though, as the initial plan is buy paint, then buy (though ebay isn’t buying is it? :))

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Army coming along well

So between burning heretics with my bright mage in Warhammer Online, I’ve been working on my Averland/Witchhunter themed army…

I have a detachment of pesents (free company) painted up (pics tonight if I get a chance) and they look great, a rag tag mix of Mordheim Angry Mob minis and Militia minis.

I’m contemplating using my Sisters of Sigmar as an other unit of militia, but that my confuse things…

I have a unit of 15 Flagellants assembled (10 from the new box set, 3 metal Mordheim Flagellants and 2 of the old metal WFB ones). They’ll be getting based and primed tonight and since it’s mostly browns and greys, should be painted up in no time.

Next up after that will probably be a unit of crossbowmen made up of a mix of Mordheim witchhunters with crossbows and the newer Empire crossbowmen… th...

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For the Emperor!

empire So I decided I was going to slowly start working on a 7ed Empire army.

The way I’m going about it is a bit different for me but will allow to blog about it better.

Every pay day, I’ll buy 1 unit or blister, and I have 2 weeks (till the next pay day) to paint it.

Since I didn’t buy anything this past pay day… I decided I’d start with my first unit of militia… To give it extra flavour, since the Empire’s Free Companies are made up of villagers taking up arms, I decided not to solely use the militia minis… I’ve been using some of the mob minis from the old Mordheim range… such as the old one legged man and the two little kids… I may throw in a dog or two for extra flavour.

I started priming the minis last night and should have most of them done by the end of the weekend… since as usual… rai...

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