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G13, greatest addition to MMO

It’s no secret, I’ve been playing alot of WaR lately and I’ve actually gotten a character up to Tier 2 and I’m having tons of fun. But one thing I noticed, was that since the Zboard errr Steel Series WaR keyboard isn’t out yet, and I’m getting more and more spells to use, the regular keyboard just didn’t cut it anymore. Queue in the G13g13 The G13, is FREAKING AWESOME… It’s a mini keyboard that you can set up for your left hand with 22 regular keys, 2 special thumb keys, a mini joystic, 3 memory keys to save different presets for your 24 keys and a great LCD display that can display in game info, such as HP, XP, Righteous Fury, etc… or can be toggled to check the time, your mail, RSS feeds and more.

So I get home with it yesterday, plug it in and start setting up macros and keys on it… and I ...

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