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Y’all see dem gremlin’s chere?

I finally started to paint my Malifaux Gremlins

Here’s Pere Ravage

Pere Ravage

Pere Ravage

Next up Ophelia LaCroix

Ophelia LaCroix

Ophelia LaCroix

I still have work to do on the bases and some touch ups here and there

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Bring out your dead!

I decided to get more Malifaux minis to my collection and ordered McMourning’s box, both blisters of puppies, the evil evil Zombie Chihuahua and Kirai’s box set.

Can’t wait.

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Can I have some more?

Well it seems I’ve gotten to the point where I need to order some more minis since all three of my crews are done.

First up, the crew that first made me want to start playing this game… the Red Chapel Gang

Next up, Nicodem’s crew.

And lastly is my Criid crew with some reinforcements

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Malifaux – Rotten Belles and others

Still working on these fantastic minis… here are a few more updates

First up, is one of The Mad Hatter’s Belles… This was actually interesting to paint.

Next up, Sonnia Criid

Last but not least, The Executioner.

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Malifaux – Slapping on paint

Slapped on more paint last night.

Primed Seamus, 2 Belles, Nico, 2 Zombie Punks, 1 Death Marshall.
Started painting one of the Belles, and have the dress and skin pretty much done.
The Death Marshall has his Coat and coffin painted up
I finished Sonnia, almost done Sam, and the Executioner.

Once this bunch is done, I’ll work on some more terrain… and then I’ll be ready to give a few demos to the gaming club.

I’ll try to get some pics taken and uploaded tonight

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Malifaux – Assembly line

Here are a pics of 2 of my other crews:
Seamus’ Red Chapel Gang

Nicodem’s zombies

I’ll be priming these guys today and since I don’t have time to to slap paint, cause I have to go visit the brother-in-law for his bday.

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Malifaux – Painting Progress

So I’ve been painting and assembling my Malifaux minis. They definitely are gorgeous minis, but tiny and fiddly…

Here are a few WIP shots

The Witchlings

The Governor’s Proxy Totem

I also took a group shot of all the Malifaux minis I have

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Malifaux – Ashes to ashes

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust… here lies the body of…

So Malifaux as a game, seems to use more tokens/counters then most games I’ve played. I don’t have an issue with this… Actually it gives me an excuse to model more stuff.

So Each master and henchman has spells… so as learned from Warmachine and Hordes, it’s easier to have nice little spell effect counters on the table than to have a dice or bead or other generic item.

So… I started work on counters for each spell and effect in the game which I will use plastic sheets called Shrinky Dink to make.

Different Masters also use different tokens(which conveniently need to be the size of a small base), such as corpse, blood and junk… The Resurrectionists which are one of the two factions I’m collecting use Corpse counters… so I started to make ...

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Malifaux – Guests Checkin and they sure checkout!

An other weekend is over and an other building is approaching completion in my little mining town of Malifaux.
The Grand Central Hotel is mostly assembled and the denizens of Malifaux are gathering to see what the hoopla is.

I’ve added a balcony (which needs to be completed) to help with different levels for the games… windows from all sides.
As with all the buildings I’m making, you can remove the building from the base and use the floor plan.


I’ve also started work on some tents… made from a plasticard base, metal paper clip frame and canvas as the tarp.

tent frametent

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Malifaux – oh that’s going to stain!

So the first three buildings are now stained (painted) and I have to say I love the look.
Here’s some shots taken from my phone… sorry… I was too lazy to set up the tripod and one of the good cameras (I’ve been cleaning all day cause the monster-in-law is coming over tonight)

StoreJailShopGroup Shot

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