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Well, I haven’t been updating much, but that’s cause not much had happened till this weekend.

I’ve been fighting a horrible, HORRIBLE lung infection that’s basically kept me from doing anything but laying in bed or on the couch. But now that I’m starting to feel better…

  • I’ve finished painting the evil Thrullg… definitely not my favorite mini…
  • The Bomber is almost done.
  • The digmies… well I’m having problems, cause of the white primer.

I’ve also started work on a Sul based table for Warmachine/Hordes.

It’s looking good so far, it’s build in 2′ X 4′ sections, so we can change the layout more. I’ll also be building a Thornwood table in the same fashion (expect pics and a tutorial soon).

I’m also working on a series of tutorials for the site. So keep on checking back.

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Day 1 of new league

So after work last night, I headed to one of the stores in town that carries Warmahordes minis and by luck they had everything I needed for my tier 1 list.

I picked it all up and started assembling the minis last night.

So here’s what I’ve accomplished so far in night 1.

  • Cleaned the flash off Calandra, drilled the holes, glued in the pins, assembled her and puttied the cracks.
  • Cleaned the flash off the Fellcalled, drilled the holes, glued in the pins, assembled him and puttied the cracks.
  • Assembled the Pyg burrower leader, cleaned them and primed them
  • Drooled over the Dire Troll Bomber mini
  • Cursed at the Thrullg mini

So I primed the digmies...

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A new league starts

Well, the club is starting an other league and I decided to play Trolls this time around.

Looks like so far I’m the only Hordes player in the league… going up against 2Cryx, 1 Khador, 2 Cygnar and 1 Retribution…

At first, I thought I’d use Borka, with some Kriel Warriors… but decided, I think I want to try Calandra…

So, depending what they have at Fandom tonight, I’ll probably be fielding the following:

Dire Troll Bomber
Fell Caller
min Pyg Burrowers

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Goldorak Go!

So, I was magnetizing my Defender a few minutes ago, and as I’m putting the magnets in the fists, all I could think of was this old Japanese Animation they used to play here in french called Goldorak (Grendizer in english) who could shoot his rocket boosted fists at enemies…

I have to say, I’m quite impressed with my magnetized jack but it sure does take alot of magnets…

In order to be able to switch from Defender, to Ironclad, to Cyclone… (not including head swaps) you need like 14 magnets.

Now, to paint him… Then I’ll just need to get a blister of trenchers and either a new box of stormblades, or something of equivalent points…

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This is no man’s land

Got a bit of painting done…

I started work on my Trenchers… as mentioned before, one trencher in the box suffered from a broken gun, so, as you can see from the image, there’s only 4 grunts and their boss…

All that’s really left on them is the backpacks, countless pouches and the grenades… highlights, then to get more 😛

Once I’m done with these guys (and the replacement), I’ll be working on my Defender (who already has been primed and has the regular metal bits painted)… The fun thing with this jack, is that he’s completely magnetized, so I can swap out the arms and turn him into an Ironclad or Cyclone… I picked up 50 1/8″ Rare Earth magnet rods today… so I just have to add them 🙂

On a completely un-Warmachine related note, I’ve also continued work on an Ork project I started aeons ...

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An other one bites the dust

Finished Reinholdt last night/this morning 🙂

He didn’t take long at all and looks great.

I decided to give him a bit of a Cygnar look, since he’s only ever going to be used with my guys in blue.

I simply have to add the front arc markings and coat him.

So now, I have Stryker and Reinholdt done, I have 3 Trenchers with completed jackets and chainmail and a primed plastic heavy jack.

Tomorrow I have a game scheduled with Jyggdrasil and I have the rest of the week off, so my goal is to have my multijack finished tomorrow and well as my trenchers (minus the one missing a gun barrel)

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Sleep is over rated

So I find a way to get everything done in a day… give up on sleep!

Hey, it’s what I used to do when I was younger…

Yesterday’s itinerary

  • Spent the day at work (someone should tell my company that it was Family day)
  • Came home, had dinner with wife
  • Took dogs out
  • Watched Olympics (we should of won gold in snowboarding @#&@^)
  • Played STO while watching Olympics and bitching about snowboarding (made Lieutenant Commander and got my Science Wessel!)
  • Watched Sparticus TV Show (Holy gory! I love it)
  • Noticed it was midnight
  • Painted the base coat for the Trencher’s coats and Reinholdt’s coat
  • Washed Reinholdt’s coat and painted lapel
  • Highlighted Reinholdt’s coat
  • Collapsed at my painting desk
  • Woke up, now at work

Now, lets see how productive I’ll be today.

On an other note, looks like we may hav...

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Slow Grow is Slow Moving

Wow… This is just not moving at the pace I wanted it too… but it’s my own damn fault.

Suffering from Gamer A.D.D. is not a f… ooh shiny!

Where was I? Oh yeah, so, a couple of buddies and I started playing Star Trek Online, which has taken most of my time… but I am now  a Lieutenant Commander, so I get to pick a new ship…

I’ve also been planing the start of a Descent Journey in the Dark campaign… which I’m really looking forward to.

In regards to the Gamer Journal though, I did manage to find a Reinholdt mini this weekend… he’s now primed as is my unit of trenchers (minus one who’s rifle barrel snapped off), so I’ll need to get a blister of them… and my Stormblades are pretty much screwed…

They were 2nd hand minis, and the paint removal process ended up removing detail… so once primed… the...

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He’s Done!

Coleman Stryker is finished!

All I have left is to seal him, but he’s done! All the little pouches, done! All the little bolts and highlights, done! All the black lining, done!


So now, according to plan, I need to finish priming Trenchers and start base coats…

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One week in…

Wow I suck… Typically I can paint a storm… we’re one week in, and I’m still not even done the first mini…

Here’s my plan..

  • Tonight: Finish Stryker
  • Tuesday: Finish priming Trenchers and start base coats
  • Wednesday: Try to finish Trenchers
  • Thursday: uhh… yeah
  • Friday: Go out with the wife
  • Saturday: Find a Reindholdt, and a box of stormblades (don’t ask) and the correct sized magnets for my defender
  • Sunday: n/a
  • Monday: Prime Reindholdt and Stormblades

I think that’s as far as I can plan…

But I also have to say… wow, we’re up to 14 people in the league… I’m so happy about that!

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