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Moving Mountains

As I’ve mentioned a million times, I have painting ADD… after painting some Cygnar, then Khador, I decided to finally start on my Convergence of Cyriss stuff… but while the glue dried I finally started Mulg.

Before I talk about Mulg, I have to get this off my chest. I HATE the Privateer Press plastics… there is sooo much flash, plastic glue doesn’t work on them and there’s sooo much flash!

The warcaster you see in this pic was a real pain to assemble. The 3 jacks that came with him/her/it have flash everywhere and some of it is sooo hard to get rid of.

Alright, Mulg. I’ve had Mulg for a while, I believe he was one of the first minis I bought at Boutique FDB. He’s big, he’s heavy, he has a TON of pins in him. I had started priming him a few years ago, and ran out of primer...

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To Tartan or Not to Tartan

So with my starting to rebuild my trollbloods army I’m at the stage of painting my Fennblades where I’m debating whether or not to paint them with tartans.





















I’ve always been impressed with well executed tartans, but I don’t find them┬ánecessary. Then there’s always the risk of messing them up and having to repaint them is something I’d rather avoid.


What do you think? I kinda like it with just the cloth but it would be something else if I added the stripes.

Once this unit is done… I’m either going to start my Earthbound Dire or a full unit of Long Riders

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Painting ADHD

Do you suffer from Gamer’s/Painter’s ADHD?

Is your painting table cluttered with hundreds of different models, for different armies or worse games?

I find that I am a sufferer. I’ll start with a clear idea. Like this time for example, I started with the idea that I would work on my Cryx army for the Wrath Book Release event.

I went out, bought a ton of new minis for the list...

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Attack of Sul

I’ve been working on a table in my games room… the plan is to have two different Iron Kingdoms themed tables.

The first, is a section of Sul, a Menite city (how appropriate since my favorite army, and my main army, is the Protectorate of Menoth).. it’s going to be filled with rubble, middle eastern style buildings and cacti and palm trees for the “forest” sections. As for the second table… I’m torn… I want to make a Cryx themed table, but I also want to make a nice forest that could pass off as part of Khador or Cygnar… but a port town would be cool too…


I had found these 2′ X 2′ plywood floor boards at the local home hardware store and figured they’d be perfect to make a modular board.

My big issue with that was that it would be too easy to determine distances...

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Well, I haven’t been updating much, but that’s cause not much had happened till this weekend.

I’ve been fighting a horrible, HORRIBLE lung infection that’s basically kept me from doing anything but laying in bed or on the couch. But now that I’m starting to feel better…

  • I’ve finished painting the evil Thrullg… definitely not my favorite mini…
  • The Bomber is almost done.
  • The digmies… well I’m having problems, cause of the white primer.

I’ve also started work on a Sul based table for Warmachine/Hordes.

It’s looking good so far, it’s build in 2′ X 4′ sections, so we can change the layout more. I’ll also be building a Thornwood table in the same fashion (expect pics and a tutorial soon).

I’m also working on a series of tutorials for the site. So keep on checking back.

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Day 1 of new league

So after work last night, I headed to one of the stores in town that carries Warmahordes minis and by luck they had everything I needed for my tier 1 list.

I picked it all up and started assembling the minis last night.

So here’s what I’ve accomplished so far in night 1.

  • Cleaned the flash off Calandra, drilled the holes, glued in the pins, assembled her and puttied the cracks.
  • Cleaned the flash off the Fellcalled, drilled the holes, glued in the pins, assembled him and puttied the cracks.
  • Assembled the Pyg burrower leader, cleaned them and primed them
  • Drooled over the Dire Troll Bomber mini
  • Cursed at the Thrullg mini

So I primed the digmies...

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A new league starts

Well, the club is starting an other league and I decided to play Trolls this time around.

Looks like so far I’m the only Hordes player in the league… going up against 2Cryx, 1 Khador, 2 Cygnar and 1 Retribution…

At first, I thought I’d use Borka, with some Kriel Warriors… but decided, I think I want to try Calandra…

So, depending what they have at Fandom tonight, I’ll probably be fielding the following:

Dire Troll Bomber
Fell Caller
min Pyg Burrowers

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Gaming Gaming Gaming

So after stopping work on the living room floor tonight, I logged on to the OWC forums to find the most excellent news. Looks like Wizards Tower may be letting us use a few tables every Tuesday night. Which means… I may get to game on a weekly basis! Our club tends to get together every Thursday and Friday at an other store, Fandom II which is located at the core of Downtown… which means it’s hard to find parking and since I live and work in Kanata, a suburb of Ottawa and I tend to finish work at 5pm… getting downtown for some gaming tends to be a tad hard.. especially when the store closes at 9pm. Wizards Tower on the other hand is way closer for me to get to so I’d have more time. This is great ­čÖé

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March Painting Queue

So last night, I got back to work on my March OWC painting vow but got side tracked by other newer minis.
So I got to work on finishing and painting the bases for my Talion Sea Dogs. I decided all the units for this army will have bases that look like they’re on the sand, probably add cannon balls on some bases, shuvles on others… just to add to the Pirate feel.

The Warcasters will be perched on rocks, with the tide splashing up against them.

For the Solos, I was thinking of having them standing near the edge of the water… now… what to do for the Jacks… hmm…

Once I was done the first 6 bases, I went on to paint an other one of my Skorne Acuarii… they don’t look that fun to paint at first glance, but they rock… prime them white, add a thin coat of red so you can still see the white through ...

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