A new league starts

Well, the club is starting an other league and I decided to play Trolls this time around.

Looks like so far I’m the only Hordes player in the league… going up against 2Cryx, 1 Khador, 2 Cygnar and 1 Retribution…

At first, I thought I’d use Borka, with some Kriel Warriors… but decided, I think I want to try Calandra…

So, depending what they have at Fandom tonight, I’ll probably be fielding the following:

Dire Troll Bomber
Fell Caller
min Pyg Burrowers

4 comments to A new league starts

  • Aqualung  says:

    three Hordes playrs at the sound of the whistle isn’t to bad. Thanks for the nudge to Farrow. I’m happy with the decision.

  • netfrost  says:

    Funny thing is… I had made a Canadian Bacon list that I was going to use instead of the trolls, but then saw you decided to go with it.

  • Aqualung  says:

    What, the things that don’t crap list fell out of favor? ;P

  • netfrost  says:

    Yeah… I really don’t like the look of most Circle stuff other then the constructs and druids themselves… and I just couldn’t see anything passed the first tier list

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