Well, I haven’t been updating much, but that’s cause not much had happened till this weekend.

I’ve been fighting a horrible, HORRIBLE lung infection that’s basically kept me from doing anything but laying in bed or on the couch. But now that I’m starting to feel better…

  • I’ve finished painting the evil Thrullg… definitely not my favorite mini…
  • The Bomber is almost done.
  • The digmies… well I’m having problems, cause of the white primer.

I’ve also started work on a Sul based table for Warmachine/Hordes.

It’s looking good so far, it’s build in 2′ X 4′ sections, so we can change the layout more. I’ll also be building a Thornwood table in the same fashion (expect pics and a tutorial soon).

I’m also working on a series of tutorials for the site. So keep on checking back.

3 comments to Updates?

  • Snarl  says:

    At least you managed to get some painting done. The only thing I managed so far is to get through reading the rules. 🙂

    No pics of the Thrulg to share?

  • netfrost  says:

    I’ll take some pics tonight… I still need to get through the rules again… maybe we can set up a few games between you, me and your bro… I also need to get the troll cards 🙁

  • Aqualung  says:

    Want to try for a game next week to get your practice in?

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