Attack of Sul

I’ve been working on a table in my games room… the plan is to have two different Iron Kingdoms themed tables.

The first, is a section of Sul, a Menite city (how appropriate since my favorite army, and my main army, is the Protectorate of Menoth).. it’s going to be filled with rubble, middle eastern style buildings and cacti and palm trees for the “forest” sections. As for the second table… I’m torn… I want to make a Cryx themed table, but I also want to make a nice forest that could pass off as part of Khador or Cygnar… but a port town would be cool too…


I had found these 2′ X 2′ plywood floor boards at the local home hardware store and figured they’d be perfect to make a modular board.

My big issue with that was that it would be too easy to determine distances. So I decided to attach them together, but still wanted them split in at least two, in order to be able to transport them if I have too.

Prep Work

Gluey Mess

Once they were attached, I added some wood glue over an area where I would add some foam board.

Weight on Glued Board

The foam board was added, and I placed a heavy box on it over night to make sure that the foam doesn’t curl up.

Unfortunately I didn’t take pics of┬áthe next few steps. Once the glue was dry and placed where I wanted, I used an angled foamcore cutter to trim the foam into a more organic look.
I then brushed water all over the foam core, and started peeling off the top layer of paper in order to draw some stone into the foam, using a ballpoint pen… I then went over the lines with an Xacto, and then ran the pen in the cuts to split them more.

I also cut up some cobble stone rubber from Michael’s. I used the wood glue and staples to hold the rubber mat in place.

Next step, I poured wood glue all over the table and used a putty knife in order to smooth it all over. Once smoothed, Icovered it all with fine sand.

At this point, I had to let it dry for a few days. Once dry, I used a can of pressured air to blow off the loose sand.

With the table dry, I added blotches of white glue and added rougher sand, I also did the same thing to cover up the staples and to show the road being destroyed.

I then painted the whole thing with a dark brown paint… let that dry, dry-brushed a dark tan color all over. Next was a light beige color, dry-brushed all over the sand areas. Once dry, I painted the rough sand with the dark tan color.

Board Close Up

Board Close Up

Next step is to dry-brush those sand patches, and airbrush around the roads and damaged areas.

You’ll also notice pink insulation foam on one side… I’m not exactly sure what I was thinking when I glued those on. I’ll either crave them to be a higher level of the city… or just hills.

More pics to come as the table is completed and the terrain pieces are built.

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  • Snarl  says:

    “I then brushed water all over the foam core, and started peeling off the top layer of paper in order to draw some stone into the foam,…”

    This part had me scratching my head for a second. Is the water to loosen the outer paper layer from the foam core of the board or was it just cleaning the surface prior to painting?

    The board is looking rather promising none the less.

  • netfrost  says:

    The water is to loosen the paper in order to peel it off, so that it’s basically just foam

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