Tutorial: How to make wooden crates

So I’ve been wanting to add some more cover and linear obstacles for my Warmachine table and what better than some supply crates.

The crates are made with some wooden blocks I bought from a local craft store.

Wooden Blocks

Wooden Blocks









I scored them with a hobby knife in order to make it look like it’s made with wooden boards. Be careful as this wood is quite hard and I’ve cut myself a few times doing this.

Scored Blocks

Scored Blocks

I then took some thin plasticard to make metal lats to hold the crate together.







As you can see, I have made different types for variety. The corner pieces are done with a corner shaped plasticard I got at one of the hobby shops in town.

Finished Crates

Finished Crates

At this point, if you want, you could simply stain the wood and it could look pretty nice. I’ve actually done this with wooden barrels. However, I decided to paint mine.







I first primed the crates with black, using spray cans… way faster
Then I painted the whole thing with Vallejo Hull Red
I inked it completely with GW Brown Ink
Drybrushed the wood with GW Graveyard Earth Inked cracks with GW Brown Ink
Then I had to paint the metal.

To get the rusted look, I started with a base of Vallejo Hull Red
Then, I added some GW Foundation Macharius Solar Orange in spots
Followed by painting it roughly with GW Boltgun, letting some of the red and orange show through
Then I coated everything metal with GW Badab Black
Finally, highlighted the edges with GW Mithril Silver

Doesn’t look too bad if you ask me…

You can also add on logos, but I’ll save how to distress paint for an other tutorial.

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