To Tartan or Not to Tartan

So with my starting to rebuild my trollbloods army I’m at the stage of painting my Fennblades where I’m debating whether or not to paint them with tartans.





















I’ve always been impressed with well executed tartans, but I don’t find them┬ánecessary. Then there’s always the risk of messing them up and having to repaint them is something I’d rather avoid.


What do you think? I kinda like it with just the cloth but it would be something else if I added the stripes.

Once this unit is done… I’m either going to start my Earthbound Dire or a full unit of Long Riders

One comment to To Tartan or Not to Tartan

  • redmanphill  says:

    Tartan, for sure. You look like you have the skills to pull it off. It will really make the models pop too. I would suggest taking time to select the colours though.

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