Now you see me… now you don’t

Well we’re getting ready for an other trip and as with every trip… that means shopping 😛

God I hate shopping, especially when the wifey decides she needs a new bathing suit.  Anyway, almost as if I was a child and getting a treat for being good, we stopped by GW afterwards.

Having finished the Fire Warriors, as per my self induced rules, I was allowed to get an other unit. Well they’re finally redoing my Tyranids… FOCUS!

Sorry, shiny nids… but no, I went for the XV25 Stealth Team. The lone wolves of the Tau Empire… troops wearing Stealth Armor. Not sure how they are, but they looked fun to paint.

I really wanted to show the Stealth effect so I painted one without any stealth, one mid stealth and one almost completely transparent. I don’t know about you, but painting something invisible? SO what I did was added more terrain to the base and well painted the camouflaged part of the figure exactly like the terrain.

In order to have it not look like I was lazy and didn’t paint the mini, I airbrushed some blue at the transition points.

Can't fight what you can't see

Can’t fight what you can’t see

Now you see me

Now you see me…

Stealth mode on!

Stealth mode on!

The Unit

The Unit


Well… done within 24 hours! As you can see I kept the same theme as with the Fire Warriors, unlike the purple style they did at Eavy Metal.

Now next… I need some sort of HQ unit. Thinking I’m going to have to get 2. An XV8 cause well I love them. The other will have to be an Ethereal. I’m still kicking myself that I lost the special edition one from the original Tau release. But from what I hear, as squishy as they are… they really are a hidden gem.