Walked into the local GW on Saturday, planning on getting some paints and an other addition to my Tau.

Jo started showing off her built Imperial Knight and I just got the itch. The idea of only 3 models in your entire army was too cool to pass up. So I got my first knight. Of course, I got home and had to start working on him right away.



Full view

Carapace Close up

Carapace Close up


Melta Close Up

Leg Close Up

Leg Close Up

I’ve since added more details and will be taking more pics. I’m still not sure what to do with the base. I tend to try and do scenic bases and with such a big base, I could have fun, but I’m somewhat stumped.

The weathering was done using liquid mask and sponge instead of my usual salt method. Though looking back, I think salt would of worked better on the carapace.

I guess the real reason I like it, is that it feels like a giant Warjack.