Deathstar in the making

As promised, here’s the pics so far.

Working on multiple factions at once helps my sanity. If I was to just paint blue or just red, I think I’d go nuts.

First up, for my Cygnar Army, I have Long Gunners. They’re progressing nicely, this is the min unit, I still have 4 more to prime and start on. Long Gunners are great and an almost auto-include for me. I remember fighting these and swearing at them. They pack quite the fire power, especially if they don’t move.


Long Gunners

Next up, for my Khador force, are the almost completed Widow Makers. There’s some small details left, like the hilts for the swords, the goggles etc, and obviously the bases. But I’m really happy with them now, they really look like they would be hidden is a Iron Kingdoms version of Stalingrad.


Widow Makers

Lastly are my Winter Guards. The new version of them, all in plastic, come with the rocketeers, which I haven’t started yet. But they’re coming along. The red pauldrons really pop. They will be part of what’s known as the Khador Deathstar!


Death Star in the making

The Khador deathstar is is the slang amongst Khador players for an army focused primarily on a swarm or two of Winter Guard. A typical Death Star squad includes a maximum unit of Winter Guard, the UA, 3┬áRocketeers and Kovnik Joe. Which I also have! I’ve also started work on the War Dog and pButcher.