Dark Eldar Progress

After having finished painting all of Luc’s Tau (can’t wait to paint more!) I continued work on my Dark Eldar. I first finished up the Reavers’ jetbikes and the Hellions’ hover boards.


Reavers and Hellions oh my

Painting troops is usually my bane… I love painting characters or vehicles. However I find I keep going back over and over again to pick out more details. I know, most people won’t notice them. I know you can’t see them when they’re on the tabletop. I just love details. And when you have tons… well you’re just never going to finish.


WIP Troopers


2 units of Kabalite Warriors

At this point, I could go back and add some many other details and highlights. I’d love to do it, but not on dozens of figures.


Close up of a Kabalite warrior

With two units done, I figured they’d need some way of zooming across the board without being picked off one by one before they could do any damage. I had started one of the Raiders years ago, when I first decided I’d do a Dark Eldar army. I both like and hate this model. I remember having a harder time assembling the first one, than I did this time around with the second one. However, it’s just full of so many fiddly bits that are so easy to break… the first one had the steering arm break off… Anyway, I assembled the second Raider… I went ahead and painted some sections before assembling them on the second. All the gold parts inside and underneath were airbrushed with Games Workshop’s Liberator Gold and then washed with their Agrax Earthshade. Then I airbrushed the hull with Vallejo’s Model Colour Blue Green. Once that was dry, I washed it with some Nuln Oil. The whole thing looked nice… quite similar to the Kabalite Warriors… but a bit too messy. I then went back and touched it up with more Blue Green. At this point I was way more happy with the look, so I glued it together. I repeated the painting steps on my first Raider, however this one was already assembled, which caused some issues.


Raider 1


Raider 2

I then trimmed and dry fit the sails. They didn’t fit well… at this point I contemplated magnetizing them, and now in hindsite, I wish I would of. Any way, I airbrushed on the Blue Green, and then masked it using some blue tack and airbrushed the sails using  Naggaroth Base followed by a Nuln Oil wash.


Dry fitting sails

I also painted some of the trims and parts with some Liberator Gold


Set Sail

Now that the transports are almost done, I figured I should do something about all these Wyches. When I first bought these, at the dawn of 6th edition, they were the unit to have (so I was told and read)… Now… not so much. But I have them and should paint them up.


WIP Wyches


Close up Wych