International Tabletop Day


This past Saturday was International Tabletop Day. We decided to join our friends from Out of the Basement at our other friends’ shop Kessel Run Games, for a day dedicated to my favorite hobby. I got there early to help them set up. There was already a game of Pandemic going on. The organizers were dressed accordingly as biologists and nurses. Other people were playing Rune Quest, and other board games. The miniature tables had a game of Warhammer 40k between Tau and Necrons going on.  Two other tables had Warmachine games going, one between Cyriss and Cygnar, the other between Cygnar and Cygnar!

The guys from Out of the Basement were setting up to demo a few games including Munchkin, King of Tokyo, and a few others.

Since Luc and I had planned on trying our first 7th edition game of 40k that day, I had stopped the night before at our local Games Workshop and picked up an Archon in order to have an HQ in my list. I got home that night at around 11, and finished painting him by 2:30 in the morning.



Unfortunately we didn’t get to play 40k… due to all the tables being used up. We did however play some King of Tokyo and Luc got to play some Smash Up.

I’ve since also painted up 2 Venoms and 20 Wyches. Pictures to come.