The cult of pain grows

As mentioned in the previous post I did some more painting this past weekend. At last count I have the following painted

  • 1 Archon
  • 10 Kabalite Warriors with a Raiders
  • 10 Kabalite Warriors with a Raiders
  • 6 Reavers
  • 6 Hellions

I’ve since painted

  • 20 Wyches
  • 2 Venoms
Venom 1

Venom 1

Venom 2

Venom 2



Once these are done, I have the crew for the Raiders to paint, 4 Wracks… as I’m missing the leader mini (guess I’ll use these guys to fill up a unit once I buy a new box)

Now to decide what’s next to add… thinking 1 more Venom, more Warriors to use as True Born, and then I start my monsters and will need a Haemonculus.