On the set

So a few friends and I have decided to get back into D&D. I haven’t played in ages… pretty much since High School.
Being the visual person that I am, and wanting to immerse my players in my Fantasy world as much as I can. I decided to make all the terrain and dressings. Back in the day I really wanted the Dwarven Forge terrain, but the price was insane. Now with my 3D printers… I can just make it!


Every good adventure starts in a tavern. Every good tavern has tables, and a bar and beer! So I decide to start with that. I found a great set of models on Thingiverse and started printing.

Bar Set

I also know my players very well, and I know they love to drink. So it’s safe to assume that their characters will also. I set out to print 28mm scale wine bottles and steins. I couldn’t believe how well they came out.


Once all of this was printed, I set out to paint them. Silly me, not really thinking at first. I painted this set and the first building using my Vallejo and GW paints. Sure they’re way better quality. However the cost of them would make this project almost impossible. I’ve since switched to cheap craft paints from Michaels.

The pub

So it’s all nice that the adventurers will have wine, ale and what not to drink. But I’m sure adventuring creates quite the hunger. I printed some apples to start. Since then I’ve also printed a bowl of nuts, a bag of potatoes, a turkey, some loaves of bread and a suckling pig!

The golden fruit