The Merchant of Rivermouth

After having so much fun with the tavern’s furniture, I set out to start printing the various buildings for the town of Rivermouth, the fictional fantasy town where my friends’ characters will essentially use as a base of operations.

The first building I started was the Merchant’s guild. A big general store. Here, adventurers can get gear needed for their quests. I bought this model from Printable Scenery. (I think I have a slight obsession with this site)

Ground floor

Luckily with my Taz5 I can print most of the building floors in one piece.

After it finished printing, I started painting it while the second floor was printing.

Painted Ground Floor

Second floor

I’ve decided to wait till everything is done before printing the roofs as they take a while and use up alot of filament. Plus in the mean time I can just cover them with cardstock if I need to hide anything