International Tabletop Day


This past Saturday was International Tabletop Day. We decided to join our friends from Out of the Basement at our other friends’ shop Kessel Run Games, for a day dedicated to my favorite hobby. I got there early to help them set up. There was already a game of Pandemic going on. The organizers were dressed accordingly as biologists and nurses. Other people were playing Rune Quest, and other board games. The miniature tables had a game of Warhammer 40k between Tau and Necrons going on.  Two other tables had Warmachine games going, one between Cyriss and Cygnar, the other between Cygnar and Cygnar!

The guys from Out of the Basement were setting up to demo a few games including Munchkin, King of Tokyo, and a few others.

Since Luc and I had planned on trying our first 7th edition game of ...

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Dark Eldar Progress

After having finished painting all of Luc’s Tau (can’t wait to paint more!) I continued work on my Dark Eldar. I first finished up the Reavers’ jetbikes and the Hellions’ hover boards.


Reavers and Hellions oh my

Painting troops is usually my bane… I love painting characters or vehicles. However I find I keep going back over and over again to pick out more details. I know, most people won’t notice them. I know you can’t see them when they’re on the tabletop. I just love details. And when you have tons… well you’re just never going to finish.


WIP Troopers


2 units of Kabalite Warriors

At this point, I could go back and add some many other details and highlights. I’d love to do it, but not on dozens of figures.


Close up of a Kabalite warrior

With two units done, I figured they’d need some way ...

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Back to 40k

I’ve been needing to paint and model and game lately. And well, 40K does have some of the best background for any of the games out there. I might just be a bit sentimental as it was the first game I really got into.

Talking to Luc about it, he was onboard as well. He wanted to resurrect his Tau army… and I offered to paint them for him.

So this past Saturday was the 30th Anniversary of the Space Marine. (Ok I feel old now)


One of the first miniatures I bought… probably the first for 40k was a 3 pack blister of lead Space Marines. The original miniature was in this pack. I had done a HORRIBLE paint job on it. First off, I had no spray primer, and used an Armoury grey paint on primer… and of course I used WAY too much...

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20 paces

One of the first Cygnaran miniatures that I fell in love with was the Arcane Tempest Gun Mages. I’ve rarely faced off against them, I guess mostly cause Serge preferred to field his Long Gunners and Trenchers. But they really scream Iron Kingdoms to me.

The long coats, the tricorn hats, the really cool mage pistols. There was no way I’d skip out on these while working on a Cygnar Army of my own.

There’s been two different versions of these miniatures, these are the newer ones. The classic version, were painted with a Cygnar blue on the entirety of their coats, I preferred the newer version, with a blueish gray coat, with just the trims being blue, so that’s the way I went.

I did do a mistake though, I ended up gluing them to the bases right away and started adding plasticard for the rocky ...

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Deathstar in the making

As promised, here’s the pics so far.

Working on multiple factions at once helps my sanity. If I was to just paint blue or just red, I think I’d go nuts.

First up, for my Cygnar Army, I have Long Gunners. They’re progressing nicely, this is the min unit, I still have 4 more to prime and start on. Long Gunners are great and an almost auto-include for me. I remember fighting these and swearing at them. They pack quite the fire power, especially if they don’t move.


Long Gunners

Next up, for my Khador force, are the almost completed Widow Makers. There’s some small details left, like the hilts for the swords, the goggles etc, and obviously the bases. But I’m really happy with them now, they really look like they would be hidden is a Iron Kingdoms version of Stalingrad.


Widow Makers

Lastly are m...

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Stocking up

Well, I decided to start stocking up.

Ended up buying the following this weekend:

For Khador

  • pButcher
  • War Dog
  • Kovnik Joe
  • Winter Guard
  • Winter Guard UA

(yeah yeah, it’s a death star)

For Cygnar

  • Gun Mages

For Convergence of Cyriss

  • Axis
  • Accretion Servitors
  • Army Book

I also got some red and black primer and some more super glue

At the time of writing this, the Winter Guard (minus UA or rocketeers) are almost done being painted as our a min unit of Long Gunners.

I’ll be posting pics tonight or tomorrow.

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Moving Mountains

As I’ve mentioned a million times, I have painting ADD… after painting some Cygnar, then Khador, I decided to finally start on my Convergence of Cyriss stuff… but while the glue dried I finally started Mulg.

Before I talk about Mulg, I have to get this off my chest. I HATE the Privateer Press plastics… there is sooo much flash, plastic glue doesn’t work on them and there’s sooo much flash!

The warcaster you see in this pic was a real pain to assemble. The 3 jacks that came with him/her/it have flash everywhere and some of it is sooo hard to get rid of.

Alright, Mulg. I’ve had Mulg for a while, I believe he was one of the first minis I bought at Boutique FDB. He’s big, he’s heavy, he has a TON of pins in him. I had started priming him a few years ago, and ran out of primer...

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For the motherland

Well kinda finished the Widowmakers last night. Not 100% satisfied with them, and got flashbacks of painting the Ironfang Pikemen.

But they’ll do. I definitely need new brushes now though.

Here’s a shot of all my Khadoran troops. Sorscha, Widowmakers, a unit of Man O War Shocktroopers, a Destroyer and Juggernaught. Both jacks are magnetized, so I can swap the hands.


The Red Army

I still need more stuff for this army. I’ve been debating getting the Butcher, some Winter Guard, with Kovnik Joe, a war dog and maybe a Spriggan. Though I’d LOVE to get the Behemoth, the Colossal, and the battle wagon 🙂

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The Widowmakers

Needed a bit of a distraction last night, lots of things bugging me and painting seems to clear my head. Had some music blasting and painting and didn’t think of anything else.

I also needed a bit of a break from all the blue I’d been painting lately. So I took out my new Khadoran Widowmakers and started them out.

I decided to give them a winter feel. Still debating giving their longcoats a cammo look



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A few more WIPs.

First up is the Charger, I remember hating this jack so much, especially when Serge cast Snipe on it with Caine… not to mention the model isn’t really that nice. They’ve since changed it, with the new plastic fig, but now it’s ugly and bulky, instead of just ugly.



Next up is the Squire, I bought him back when I started the Slow Grow list… I’ve never fought against one, since it wasn’t released the last time I played. I like the idea of this mini jack, and the synergy with Nemo. It’s also a really cute mini. Think I originally got him to field with Siege.



Hope to have these done tonight so I can move on to troops. I’ve also started work on the Black 13th. No pics yet, but damn those three are tiny… I think they’re even smaller than the original Satixy minis...

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