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Warmachine Starter Set

Sat ,03/08/2013

It’s been so long… WM How I’ve missed you.

I’d bought the 2 player starter set a while back and figured it was time to slop some paint on them. This was cool, cause since I haven’t played Khador since I first started playing… Heck, my first Warmachine mini to paint ­čÖé

First up, Kreoss… THE MAN! I’ve painted so many versions of this guy over the years. The new plastic version is great, I don’t have to worry about the weapon snapping off, no pinning.



Next were the Man O Wars. In the past, when I first got into this, I painted my Khador box set and my Man O Wars as the 5th Border Legion… a drab green. This time, I thought I’d go more cannon… nice and bright red. I wanted the leader to stick out so, he got the nice grey treatment. I think they look great.


Man O Wars

The iron lady ­čÖé Sorscha. Unlike Kreoss’ new plastic incarnation, I have to say I’m not impressed. Yes, I had no problem with her weapon, but the details are not there… everything seems a bit blah!





For the Khadorans, I’m going to give them rocky snow bases… yes over done, but I think it’ll pop with the bright red. I might add a bit for grass too. For the Menites… I don’t know. I had bought a ton of cracked earth bases, but the company that makes them went out of business and it would suck not having matching bases… Cork? I dunno… I still have to finish painting the jacks and the troops…

More assembling

Thu ,06/10/2011

My wife was working late last night, so you’d think that would be the best time to continue assembling minis, since I have a bunch of Cryx and Menites to work on…. Nope… I spent the evening finishing the floors in my studio. But! They are done! So I can start moving stuff back in there and set up the airbrush station and all that.

However, later in the evening, after going to pick up my wife, and after she was in bed, I did manage to assemble a Dervish, some more Choir grunts and Lord Exhumator Scaverous. Can’t wait to start painting!

Attack of Sul

Wed ,20/10/2010

I’ve been working on a table in my games room… the plan is to have two different Iron Kingdoms themed tables.

The first, is a section of Sul, a Menite city (how appropriate since my favorite army, and my main army, is the Protectorate of Menoth).. it’s going to be filled with rubble, middle eastern style buildings and cacti and palm trees for the “forest” sections. As for the second table… I’m torn… I want to make a Cryx themed table, but I also want to make a nice forest that could pass off as part of Khador or Cygnar… but a port town would be cool too…


I had found these 2′ X 2′ plywood floor boards at the local home hardware store and figured they’d be perfect to make a modular board.

My big issue with that was that it would be too easy to determine distances. So I decided to attach them together, but still wanted them split in at least two, in order to be able to transport them if I have too.

Prep Work

Gluey Mess

Once they were attached, I added some wood glue over an area where I would add some foam board.

Weight on Glued Board

The foam board was added, and I placed a heavy box on it over night to make sure that the foam doesn’t curl up.

Unfortunately I didn’t take pics of┬áthe next few steps. Once the glue was dry and placed where I wanted, I used an angled foamcore cutter to trim the foam into a more organic look.
I then brushed water all over the foam core, and started peeling off the top layer of paper in order to draw some stone into the foam, using a ballpoint pen… I then went over the lines with an Xacto, and then ran the pen in the cuts to split them more.

I also cut up some cobble stone rubber from Michael’s. I used the wood glue and staples to hold the rubber mat in place.

Next step, I poured wood glue all over the table and used a putty knife in order to smooth it all over. Once smoothed, Icovered it all with fine sand.

At this point, I had to let it dry for a few days. Once dry, I used a can of pressured air to blow off the loose sand.

With the table dry, I added blotches of white glue and added rougher sand, I also did the same thing to cover up the staples and to show the road being destroyed.

I then painted the whole thing with a dark brown paint… let that dry, dry-brushed a dark tan color all over. Next was a light beige color, dry-brushed all over the sand areas. Once dry, I painted the rough sand with the dark tan color.

Board Close Up

Board Close Up

Next step is to dry-brush those sand patches, and airbrush around the roads and damaged areas.

You’ll also notice pink insulation foam on one side… I’m not exactly sure what I was thinking when I glued those on. I’ll either crave them to be a higher level of the city… or just hills.

More pics to come as the table is completed and the terrain pieces are built.

Non update

Thu ,04/02/2010

I got NOTHING done last night… I got home and crashed on the couch… made dinner, Ange got home from her spinning class at 6:45 or so, so we had dinner, cleaned up, watched a bit of TV, while I drooled all over the Forces of Warmachine book and that was that.

But on a good note, I actually have a game scheduled for Saturday against Jyggdrasil… This should be interesting cause I haven’t played in over 3 years.

It’s a 35pts game… I have enough Cygnar to field that, but most aren’t assembled and now missing tabs, so I can’t even play with them unpainted… Menoth it is… hmm which caster? Good ol’ pKreoss? the HR? Feora? or should I try one that I’m not used too? I’m looking at you Amon and Reznik!

On an other note, I’m also having lunch with everyone’s favorite Necrotite Bunny today… cause SOMEBODY is all needy and stuff and NEEDS his bases…

I’m just a menite at heart

Tue ,26/01/2010

I know that I picked Cygnar for my faction for the Gamer Journal… I know I have to paint 13 miniatures for the first tier of it… so I sit down last night and what do I do? I start painting more Menoth Jacks…

What can I say, the fire is deep routed in me…

So I continued work on a Crusader, ´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐Castigator and Devout, basically adding scripture on the hulls and some more weathering… When I first restarted my menoth paint scheme, I was going to go with a more studio like theme, with the cream color and deep red wine colored trims… for some reason, they ended up dark again ­čÖé

I then added a few thinned down coats of Menoth White base on a ´╗┐Revenger and a Redeemer until I had a nice smooth base. Once Dry, I laid on a heavy wash of GW Devlan Mud (one of my favorite paints). All this is over a black primed figure that has been heavily drybrushed with GW BoltGun Metal (so I can add weathering and rust later on)

I’m not too worried about my boys in blue, since I had mentioned that the bases are pretty much done, and that Siege, the Squire, the Journeyman and are assembled, heck, I even primed the squire!