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Tutorial: How to make wooden crates

So I’ve been wanting to add some more cover and linear obstacles for my Warmachine table and what better than some supply crates.

The crates are made with some wooden blocks I bought from a local craft store.

Wooden Blocks

Wooden Blocks

I scored them with a hobby knife in order to make it look like it’s made with wooden boards. Be careful as this wood is quite hard and I’ve cut myself a few times doing this.

Scored Blocks

Scored Blocks

I then took some thin plasticard to make metal lats to hold the crate together.

As you can see, I have made different types for variety. The corner pieces are done with a corner shaped plasticard I got at one of the hobby shops in town.

Finished Crates

Finished Crates

At this point, if you want, you could simply stain the wood and it could look pretty nice...

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Attack of Sul

I’ve been working on a table in my games room… the plan is to have two different Iron Kingdoms themed tables.

The first, is a section of Sul, a Menite city (how appropriate since my favorite army, and my main army, is the Protectorate of Menoth).. it’s going to be filled with rubble, middle eastern style buildings and cacti and palm trees for the “forest” sections. As for the second table… I’m torn… I want to make a Cryx themed table, but I also want to make a nice forest that could pass off as part of Khador or Cygnar… but a port town would be cool too…


I had found these 2′ X 2′ plywood floor boards at the local home hardware store and figured they’d be perfect to make a modular board.

My big issue with that was that it would be too easy to determine distances...

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Well, I haven’t been updating much, but that’s cause not much had happened till this weekend.

I’ve been fighting a horrible, HORRIBLE lung infection that’s basically kept me from doing anything but laying in bed or on the couch. But now that I’m starting to feel better…

  • I’ve finished painting the evil Thrullg… definitely not my favorite mini…
  • The Bomber is almost done.
  • The digmies… well I’m having problems, cause of the white primer.

I’ve also started work on a Sul based table for Warmachine/Hordes.

It’s looking good so far, it’s build in 2′ X 4′ sections, so we can change the layout more. I’ll also be building a Thornwood table in the same fashion (expect pics and a tutorial soon).

I’m also working on a series of tutorials for the site. So keep on checking back.

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Things are moving along

So, I actually got ahead of my game this weekend. Surprisingly since I did alot of non-Gamer Journal related gaming stuff.

First, with the Journal news…

I have finished all the bases for the list I finally came up with… oh? What’s the list you ask?

  • pStryker
  • Reinholdt
  • Defender
  • Stormblades
  • Min Trenchers

Stryker, well cause I like the Alternate Sculpt mini… and I actually used him in the past… Reinholdt, as much as his abilities are useful, he’s mainly there to fill in that extra point.

The Defender is there for many reasons… with some Khador and Menoth opponents, I’m sure I’ll be facing quite a few heavies, and he’s got the stopping power and has the shock hammer to do some cortex damage.

Then I had to take the trenchers as I just love the look and theme (and will add to it),  yes, they’r...

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Malifaux – Ashes to ashes

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust… here lies the body of…

So Malifaux as a game, seems to use more tokens/counters then most games I’ve played. I don’t have an issue with this… Actually it gives me an excuse to model more stuff.

So Each master and henchman has spells… so as learned from Warmachine and Hordes, it’s easier to have nice little spell effect counters on the table than to have a dice or bead or other generic item.

So… I started work on counters for each spell and effect in the game which I will use plastic sheets called Shrinky Dink to make.

Different Masters also use different tokens(which conveniently need to be the size of a small base), such as corpse, blood and junk… The Resurrectionists which are one of the two factions I’m collecting use Corpse counters… so I started to make ...

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Malifaux – Guests Checkin and they sure checkout!

An other weekend is over and an other building is approaching completion in my little mining town of Malifaux.
The Grand Central Hotel is mostly assembled and the denizens of Malifaux are gathering to see what the hoopla is.

I’ve added a balcony (which needs to be completed) to help with different levels for the games… windows from all sides.
As with all the buildings I’m making, you can remove the building from the base and use the floor plan.


I’ve also started work on some tents… made from a plasticard base, metal paper clip frame and canvas as the tarp.

tent frametent

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Malifaux – oh that’s going to stain!

So the first three buildings are now stained (painted) and I have to say I love the look.
Here’s some shots taken from my phone… sorry… I was too lazy to set up the tripod and one of the good cameras (I’ve been cleaning all day cause the monster-in-law is coming over tonight)

StoreJailShopGroup Shot

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Malifaux – There’s a new Sheriff in town

So after getting home from work last night I started work on the next building for the board.
At first I was going to work on the Crazy Horse Saloon… but ended up making the Sheriff’s office… with bars so the prisoners can’t escape 🙂

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