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Deathstar in the making

As promised, here’s the pics so far.

Working on multiple factions at once helps my sanity. If I was to just paint blue or just red, I think I’d go nuts.

First up, for my Cygnar Army, I have Long Gunners. They’re progressing nicely, this is the min unit, I still have 4 more to prime and start on. Long Gunners are great and an almost auto-include for me. I remember fighting these and swearing at them. They pack quite the fire power, especially if they don’t move.


Long Gunners

Next up, for my Khador force, are the almost completed Widow Makers. There’s some small details left, like the hilts for the swords, the goggles etc, and obviously the bases. But I’m really happy with them now, they really look like they would be hidden is a Iron Kingdoms version of Stalingrad.


Widow Makers

Lastly are m...

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Stocking up

Well, I decided to start stocking up.

Ended up buying the following this weekend:

For Khador

  • pButcher
  • War Dog
  • Kovnik Joe
  • Winter Guard
  • Winter Guard UA

(yeah yeah, it’s a death star)

For Cygnar

  • Gun Mages

For Convergence of Cyriss

  • Axis
  • Accretion Servitors
  • Army Book

I also got some red and black primer and some more super glue

At the time of writing this, the Winter Guard (minus UA or rocketeers) are almost done being painted as our a min unit of Long Gunners.

I’ll be posting pics tonight or tomorrow.

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For the motherland

Well kinda finished the Widowmakers last night. Not 100% satisfied with them, and got flashbacks of painting the Ironfang Pikemen.

But they’ll do. I definitely need new brushes now though.

Here’s a shot of all my Khadoran troops. Sorscha, Widowmakers, a unit of Man O War Shocktroopers, a Destroyer and Juggernaught. Both jacks are magnetized, so I can swap the hands.


The Red Army

I still need more stuff for this army. I’ve been debating getting the Butcher, some Winter Guard, with Kovnik Joe, a war dog and maybe a Spriggan. Though I’d LOVE to get the Behemoth, the Colossal, and the battle wagon ­čÖé

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The Widowmakers

Needed a bit of a distraction last night, lots of things bugging me and painting seems to clear my head. Had some music blasting and painting and didn’t think of anything else.

I also needed a bit of a break from all the blue I’d been painting lately. So I took out my new Khadoran Widowmakers and started them out.

I decided to give them a winter feel. Still debating giving their longcoats a cammo look



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A few more WIPs.

First up is the Charger, I remember hating this jack so much, especially when Serge cast Snipe on it with Caine… not to mention the model isn’t really that nice. They’ve since changed it, with the new plastic fig, but now it’s ugly and bulky, instead of just ugly.



Next up is the Squire, I bought him back when I started the Slow Grow list… I’ve never fought against one, since it wasn’t released the last time I played. I like the idea of this mini jack, and the synergy with Nemo. It’s also a really cute mini. Think I originally got him to field with Siege.



Hope to have these done tonight so I can move on to troops. I’ve also started work on the Black 13th. No pics yet, but damn those three are tiny… I think they’re even smaller than the original Satixy minis...

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Feeling Blue… but that’s a good thing

So with Ange still not feeling 100%, I took advantage of the time at home and worked on some miniatures.

I started with the important part. If I’m going to be playing Cygnar, I want to make sure I have a good selection in Warcasters. First up was Nemo, already having Stryker done, I thought this was cool, especially with his synergy with some of the other troops I plan on fielding.

In the first pic, you can see an OLD sculpt of Nemo, with a WIP shot of a Journyman. Siege and the Thunderhead are in the background.



Next up, are some better shots of Siege, and the Thunderhead with a bit of paint on him. This model has always intimidated me… it’s such a gorgeous model and some of the paint jobs I’ve seen have blown me away.



Here are the almost complete casters waiting for their base...

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To Tartan or Not to Tartan

So with my starting to rebuild my trollbloods army I’m at the stage of painting my Fennblades where I’m debating whether or not to paint them with tartans.





















I’ve always been impressed with well executed tartans, but I don’t find them┬ánecessary. Then there’s always the risk of messing them up and having to repaint them is something I’d rather avoid.


What do you think? I kinda like it with just the cloth but it would be something else if I added the stripes.

Once this unit is done… I’m either going to start my Earthbound Dire or a full unit of Long Riders

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Painting ADHD

Do you suffer from Gamer’s/Painter’s ADHD?

Is your painting table cluttered with hundreds of different models, for different armies or worse games?

I find that I am a sufferer. I’ll start with a clear idea. Like this time for example, I started with the idea that I would work on my Cryx army for the Wrath Book Release event.

I went out, bought a ton of new minis for the list...

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Tutorial: How to make wooden crates

So I’ve been wanting to add some more cover and linear obstacles for my Warmachine table and what better than some supply crates.

The crates are made with some wooden blocks I bought from a local craft store.

Wooden Blocks

Wooden Blocks

I scored them with a hobby knife in order to make it look like it’s made with wooden boards. Be careful as this wood is quite hard and I’ve cut myself a few times doing this.

Scored Blocks

Scored Blocks

I then took some thin plasticard to make metal lats to hold the crate together.

As you can see, I have made different types for variety. The corner pieces are done with a corner shaped plasticard I got at one of the hobby shops in town.

Finished Crates

Finished Crates

At this point, if you want, you could simply stain the wood and it could look pretty nice...

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Wrath Event

So the club is hosting a Wrath release event at Fandom II.

Not sure if I’ll field my Cryx or Menites…

If I go Cryx, I already have Scaverous and the Wraith engine which give me more points. As for menoth, I’m not a fan of the new castor (don’t like the daughters or menoth much) but I do want to get the altar…

Decisions decisions…

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